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This page shows examples of medical professionals from across the globe, who have recently registered within the CV database of our employment agency and currently looking for jobs in medicine. If you are an establishment looking for medical recruitment services and solutions, or a qualified and experienced professional looking for job vacancies, please Contact Scott Slater Medical.

39 year old South American Plastic Surgeon. Qualification in the UK. Multiple specialist interests including burns, breast reconstruction and aesthetic facial surgery. Looking for opportunities worldwide.

32 year old Dermatologist from Switzerland. Qualified in the United States. Specialist interest in Microdermabrasion, Lasertherapy and Phototherapy.

40 year old Ophthalmologist, qualified in Australia. Specialist interest in Cataract surgery.

42 year old Gynaecologist from Scotland. Qualified in the UK. Specialist interests in assisted reproductive techniques and complex pregnancies.

45 year old American Orthopaedic Surgeon. Qualified in the UK. Specialist interest in knee and microsurgical techniques.

44 year old English Neurologist. Qualified in the UK. Specialist interest in Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinsonism.

43 year old ENT Surgeon. Qualified in Egypt. Specialist interest in nose and vocal diseases.

46 year old Chinese Breast Surgeon. Qualified in the UK. Specialist interest in reconstructive breast surgery and breast reduction and enhancement.

43 year old Urologist from New Zealand. Qualified in New Zealand. Specialist interest in prostate diseases.

48 year old South American Neurosurgeon. Qualified in the US. Specialist interest in brain tumours and microinvasive surgery of the spine.

45 year old Italian Dermatologist .Qualified in Italy and Switzerland. Specialist interest in Cosmetic Dermatology and Laser Treatment.

39 year old Indian Paediatrician. Qualified in the UK. Specialist interest in Allergology and respiratory diseases.

43 year old American cardiothoracic surgeon. Qualified in the US.

For further information on the above or other available candidates please contact the Senior Consultant at Scott Slater Medical (a division of CER Ltd):

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