Job: Endodontist Specialist – Emirate of Dubai;

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Categories Dentistry
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Location Emirate of Dubai;
  • Endodontist Specialist – Emirate of Dubai;
  • Medical Clinic;
  • Medical Learning Centre;
  • Private Clients;
  • Your personal Dubai Medical Licence  fully Administered;
  • Applications World-Wide;
  • Retained Assignment, working in conjunction with –
  • Financial Package, Tax free NHS, + 30% + bonus, 1-300K
  • Two year contract, renewed.

We have been retained by our client for a number of years, having successfully placed: Doctors, Dentists, Hygienist’s, Professors, Lecturers, Endodontists and Maxillofacial Surgeons.

Our client is a modern dental/general medical clinic with learning facility attached. All of the patient care is private client driven.

Kindly note that a Master’s degree is required in order to become licensed as a Specialist in the Emirate of Dubai.

Endodontist Specialist – Preferably Swedish qualified or American Board or equivalent with a minimum of 5 year’s experience after specialisation.

Work will include:

Specialist dental work looking into the cause of and diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of any damage or injury to the tooth pulp as well as the tissue and nerves within and surrounding the root of a tooth that have become damaged or infected due to some type of bacteria.

Your work will include: Treatments including dental trauma, planned endodontic treatment, cracked teeth root canal therapy and saving impacted tooth/teeth.

Prescribe, install and create for patients prosthodontic fixtures like dentures and implants. Teach & install fixtures, routine dental procedures like teeth cleaning, extractions, and even bleaching.

Perform root canals: Soft inner pulp of the tooth is carefully removed, cleaning and shaping the inner surface of the tooth, filling tooth with a special material that both protects the tooth and seals the opening, follow-up root canal procedure by capping or placing a crown on the tooth.

Perform oral surgery:  Including the removal of diseased tissues, the removal of half a tooth – hemisection, amputation of the roots of a tooth – apicoectomy. In extreme cases, tooth removal from the patient’s mouth, treatment, and then put back in the socket, general pain relief work.

Retreat a tooth that was previously treated, for new infections, changes in the bone structure, new damage physiology of the tooth previous treatment did not fully resolve problems, put in or remove tooth implants and replace teeth that have been knocked out.

You will be issued with an application pack, administer and send files to us using dropbox.

To apply for this prestigious opportunity please contact: Jonny Scott-Slater

Telephone – 01872 274227 – 0044 1872 274227 GMT

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Confidentiality is always assured.